Institution Mixte Des Apôtres

We believe that education is not only a vehicle for achieving career goals and dreams, but also the one tool that will eradicate the injustice of poverty of the mind and body for a secured future.

You can learn more about the school's curriculum and see Student Results.

As the Haitian flag brilliantly states "Unity makes strength." We abide by this statement by working in unity with the community of La Reference and partnering with international donors to help the forgotten children in this village to have a secured future. A future where they can become the proud citizens and contribute to their country's development.

Without food security none of this can be achieved. We have introduced a school feeding program at Caroline's School. This program has directly impacted the student's attention and success rate in exams. It is vital that we ensure that the school feeding program is secure and becomes sustainable. 


We have planted a vegetable garden to grow our own food for the children. We are working to build a bakery and a chicken coop, as well. Surplus baked goods and eggs could be sold to the community.

With your support, we can achieve our goal of creating a sustainable food supply and help to create a working economy. 



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Construction of school buildings