Institution Mixte Des Apôtres

300 students now attend Caroline’s School, their hungry minds drinking up knowledge, a first-rate luxury. But the school remains beset by challenges - hungry bodies are a constant distraction to the task at hand.
— Susan McCarthy

While the school buildings have been constructed, the goal is to give the children proper nutrition…some money has been raised, yet more is needed. While the children are in a far better place, physically and mentally, we want to help provide the tools to assist them in being more financially independent and on the path to becoming self sustaining.

We have a 3 step plan: 

  1. We have already installed a vegetable garden to grow food for the students on site.  More and better soil and irrigation is needed.

  2. We are growing Moringa trees on the school grounds which is a indigenous tree in Haiti and has become a marketable  herb that is used in health and beauty products which are made locally. Proceeds from these products are donated to the school.

  3. We are in the process of working on a business plan to build an Ice factory in the social enterprise area behind the school which will provide much needed ice for refrigeration to the surrounding community. 

No solution in  Haiti will be quick or complete, but we are dedicated to created a better world one child at a time and we ask you to join forces with us to making Haiti a better reality.